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Haotian Yang is currently a Chinese art student who served in the Chinese army for two years after his freshman year. His college major is film and television production. In addition to shooting and making films, he is interested in creating works of art using digital photography or collage of images.


Due to his family background and personal experience, he has his observations and reflections on China's political system and people's living conditions. In addition to depicting the impact of social systems on human nature, his works also keep records of China's urbanization process. He has been trying to expand the possibility of using photographic media to express and use more innovative ways to express when appropriate.


The integration of technology and art in today's era has brought more imaginative space for artistic creation, as the development of the metaverse and the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology have also inspired his creation. He is committed to combining different aesthetic styles to create works with humanistic care and thought-provoking.